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There are two alternative methods:-

1. Choose from the growing selection of designs in the collection or

2. Simply attach an image to your contact email and I will provide an example / idea of the possible outcome:-

Making the longboard:-

Each board is individually made on receipt of an email order and is made up of 'cut to shape' sections which are clamped with a strong resin laminating glue. Two procedures take place. Firstly the footplate (main area) is produced to ensure contour and convex are correct. Secondly the spine is built and laminated to the board. This provides a centre core which extends the length of the wheelbase. At its thickest point it is the equivalent of a 'scaffolding plank' ensuring no snapping will take place.

Once the initial board is glued and the glue fully cured (approx three day process) the board is carved and sanded prior to prep for painting. The board is sealed and then approx four layers of Gesso (depending on the required final outcome) are applied and the board with further wet & dry sanding until the final design & painted finish is achieved.

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