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Longboards and Land Paddles


Longboard and Land Paddle... Medium - Crackle Acrylic and Spray Paint with Goldleaf.


Medium - Ink and Spray Paint. Inspired by tattooed sleeve designs.


Gouache, Ink and Spray Paint. Inspired by Zulu tribal textile designs.


Medium - egg tempera paint, graphite and gold leaf. Each longboard is over 4.5 cm thick down the centre core. Which provides strength and stability, to illustrate this I produced two boards with a hand drawn backbone.


Medium - gouache paint and gold leaf. The latest of the boards to be made with further refinements to the construction which improved the convex and camber. The design was based around the paintings of Gustav Klimt.


Not Available. Medium - Textured spray and enamel paint. The first board produced.

Rob's Board

Not Available Medium - Spray Paint and Ink. The original reason for making the longboards.

Spine One

Available on request (colour subject to change) Medium - graphite, egg tempera and spray paint Made and designed to illustrate that the longboard has a 'backbone'

Blind Barber

Not Available Medium - spray paint and graphite. Made and designed for a local barber shop.


Available on request Medium - Stenciled spray paint. Rugby world cup was in full flow and the tattoos of the southern hemisphere rugby players instigated this design.

Gentleman & Rouges Club

Not Available Medium - Glitter Spray Paint and Graphite. The local Barber had to change his name from the 'Blind Barber' to the above, so board redesigned. The tattoo skull is the same has the one the barber (Darren) has on his tattooed sleeve.


Medium - stencilled spray paint (textured) Commissioned for (Kevin's) Birthday who happens to like Pandas.

Rob's Board

Gripper Tape emulates the original tattoo design. Medium - Varnished Board and hand cut gripper tape.

Blind Barber and Maori

On the beach Poole Dorset.

First boards

On the beach Poole Dorset.

Rob's board

Customised 'Trucks' are used in the display of the Longboards but are NOT supplied to reduce delivery costs and that most Longboarders are quite specific about their individual needs.

Rob's Board

The boards are finished either to a very high gloss finish or textured (see Panda Board).

Signed and Dated

Each board is signed and dated the year of production.

Maori and Blind Barber

At the beach Poole Dorset.

Rob's Board and Land Paddles

All three in their new home of New York.

Maori and Paddles in production.

The paddles and boards are made of laminated ply using high grade (Cascamite) glue in customised clamps.

Gentleman & Rouges with Land Paddles

Medium - Spray Paint and rubber pucks. The paddles are based on the design of Polynesian War Clubs. The use of the Land Paddle originates in Hawaii which instigated the design.

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