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I am a designer / maker who enjoys a challenge when it comes to making objects be it for practical use or pure aesthetics.​

I use a wide range of media (wood, metal, plastics etc) to meet the needs of the individual projects. The present projects call for the bending and manipulation of wood e.g. longboards and mobiles. But I also use clay modelling and casting e.g. Letterbox and Yucca planter.

The exciting thing about the longboards and land paddles is that they have a common theme, but are all-unique in their outcome. Be it a specific commission:-  Panda Board and Barbershop. Or individual design i.e. the original concept was to (and still is) produce a longboard around an individual’s image request and the 'tattoo' appears to lend itself to that.

The very first longboard was a 'test' to see if I could firstly make one and would it work? I did a considerable amount of research on the various ways boards are made and the hardware that goes with them. But striking and a potential worry was that the longer the board is, the more likely it is to ‘snap and break’ so with this in mind the emphasis was on ensuring the centre core was strong while maintaining a slender / ergonomically pleasing outer edge to the board.


The first board was produced and a longstanding friend (Murray) of my son volunteered to put it through its paces. That particular board was emblazoned with the tattoo Murray has on his shoulder and the board is now in his possession. 

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