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Welcome to my website, which was originally set-up to display my long boards and paddles (hence the title) along with various other objects I have made e.g. mobiles, tables, shelves etc.

Since the start of 2019 I have concentrated on producing sculptures and paintings (along with a few household objects).

The catalyst to get me started was producing work based on a medieval bronze sculpture ‘The Sun Chariot’ which I entered into the Royal Academy Summer Show. On application, the question is asked if you would allow someone with visual impairment to touch the sculpture (which I thought would be fine given its kinetic).

Then a friend brought around a wooden pallet for the log stove! Which set me off in a totally new direction. Could I take the humble pallet and make it not just visually appealing but more so ‘tactile’ with that question from the Academy in mind. 

To date some 30 pallets later I have been producing a variety of objects. In addition, the sculptures ‘for the hand’ became a focus of attention. I originally, just wanted to make my children (now grown up and living their lives elsewhere) a sculpture that I had carved and they could hold in their hand (a hug from Dad thousands of miles away!) and consider the ergonomics, which would make it, feel comfortable in the hand. I also added weight to create balance but also imbalance when holding it!

I am also working on an additional page (slowly), which will contain work from my student days and exhibitions etc up to 2018.

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